2012 *** New beginnings, new chances, new hopes

Oh my Happiness x Two!

Rock on Jack

Sharing Christmas Happiness with YOU!

Oh my Tyler...Miss our time, lots!

Princess Victoria my sweet angel

Handsome Brian at Thanksgiving

My Brackett boys + beach = LOVE!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Love and Goodness

                                              Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!
                                                        I think I hear Santa!!!
                                                               Baaa Humbug!

                                                 Little Logan and big brother Jack

                                     Tori just adores her new kitty, she named her Snow white!
                                               .....all pooped out waitin' for Santa

                                        Now Snow white has a new home with Tori

                                          This always makes me so happy....feel the love!

Monday, December 12, 2011

... a House...

If I had a house,
I'd never let it go...
I'd never walk away from it,
I'd be so happy, and love it so!

If I had a house to call my very own,
I wouldn't feel so empty and unsettled,
cause it is my lifetime dream...
the security I've not yet known.

A house is not a "home"
for they say, "that's where your heart is"
my heart cries out,
for just that special one...
to unpack all those boxes
one final time,
to know my journeys are "done".

If I could have a cozy little home
a place where I could live and grow old.
Oh Lord, to write my final stories...
and no longer would I need to roam!

If I'd ever had a man
who never left my side,
a house to hold the two of us tight...
a cat, a dog, a garden...
I'd hold onto them all...
forever, with all my might.

Monday, November 21, 2011

If I could rewind...

Turning the corner, looking ahead or behind,
finding a magic clock that I could rewind...
a do over, a decision made faster
the "I could have's, I should have's"
instead of years of disasters...

I dont want to look behind anymore,
I want to move forward and run up ahead
live the new life that God has in store
just for me...
Turning this day into one that has hope,
giving others a chance to get close,
letting it flow, and possibly grow...
getting to know myself and what I believe,
and feeling the goodness
 instead of the greif.

I give the best I can give each day...
might be a smile, or a belly full of laughter,
might be a word of inspiration or just happy chatter...
I give what I can, to those who are in need,
it makes me feel better, and humbly I see
the frailties in life are in everyone of us,
and sooner or later we just have to trust
that it will get better, it will work out,
I am so grateful for where I am at...
I have my life, what is better than that!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Words of wisdom worth sharing....

If you knew who walked beside you at all times on this path you have chosen,  you would never experience fear or doubt again...    
                                                                                       Echos of Love  

You cannot find your soul with your mind;  you must use your heart...     Eryka

                              open the fences and gates, try stepping out of your comfort zone

         Being different made me Stronger!

Good Times of October

Was able to chill with Brian's kids on a weekend in October...we found worms in the dirt,
 hung on the tree swing, so many giggles...so much fun and lots of love for the grandma...

                                                           A suit! ? !!! Handsome Son

                Brian, all dressed in his James Bond suit...looking like a bodyguard....
                           best man in the wedding...
                       Fall skies, and fresh air...Family is spread far and apart, but we somehow
                                                            stay close....Holidays coming soon!