2012 *** New beginnings, new chances, new hopes

Oh my Happiness x Two!

Rock on Jack

Sharing Christmas Happiness with YOU!

Oh my Tyler...Miss our time, lots!

Princess Victoria my sweet angel

Handsome Brian at Thanksgiving

My Brackett boys + beach = LOVE!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Love and Goodness

                                              Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!
                                                        I think I hear Santa!!!
                                                               Baaa Humbug!

                                                 Little Logan and big brother Jack

                                     Tori just adores her new kitty, she named her Snow white!
                                               .....all pooped out waitin' for Santa

                                        Now Snow white has a new home with Tori

                                          This always makes me so happy....feel the love!

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