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Monday, December 12, 2011

... a House...

If I had a house,
I'd never let it go...
I'd never walk away from it,
I'd be so happy, and love it so!

If I had a house to call my very own,
I wouldn't feel so empty and unsettled,
cause it is my lifetime dream...
the security I've not yet known.

A house is not a "home"
for they say, "that's where your heart is"
my heart cries out,
for just that special one...
to unpack all those boxes
one final time,
to know my journeys are "done".

If I could have a cozy little home
a place where I could live and grow old.
Oh Lord, to write my final stories...
and no longer would I need to roam!

If I'd ever had a man
who never left my side,
a house to hold the two of us tight...
a cat, a dog, a garden...
I'd hold onto them all...
forever, with all my might.

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