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Monday, November 21, 2011

If I could rewind...

Turning the corner, looking ahead or behind,
finding a magic clock that I could rewind...
a do over, a decision made faster
the "I could have's, I should have's"
instead of years of disasters...

I dont want to look behind anymore,
I want to move forward and run up ahead
live the new life that God has in store
just for me...
Turning this day into one that has hope,
giving others a chance to get close,
letting it flow, and possibly grow...
getting to know myself and what I believe,
and feeling the goodness
 instead of the greif.

I give the best I can give each day...
might be a smile, or a belly full of laughter,
might be a word of inspiration or just happy chatter...
I give what I can, to those who are in need,
it makes me feel better, and humbly I see
the frailties in life are in everyone of us,
and sooner or later we just have to trust
that it will get better, it will work out,
I am so grateful for where I am at...
I have my life, what is better than that!

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