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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sitting in the Mountains

When I sit in the mountains
amidst huge redwood trees,
I didn't hear a single sound
just the buzzin of little bees,
dancing upon the flowers
sprinkeld on the hills,
the silence causes me to stop
and be so still.
To sit so calm and to be so quiet,
lets me know deep inside,
that we all need to try it.
The stillness of the mountains
the enormous redwood giants,
gave me an awareness
I haven't had for so long...

So insignificant are today's plans,
so small are our yesterdays...
Now is all that matters,
and understanding this,
I am amazed.

How I love the sounds of quiet,
the wind blowing in tops of trees,
I think I heard the sun shinning,
for it brought me to my knees...
"Thank you Lord for these,
your beautiful creations"
You sent them here for us
to contemplate and enjoy!
The ocean, the trees,
the wind upon the seas...
I am in amazement
Because it is all FREE!

Why do we choose
to have such commotion,
cell phones 24/7,
Computers of every size,
from the first blink of our day,
till we say goodnight.
Machines, cars, tv's and noise
Suffocates our tribal journey,
Taking away even our simple joys.

I am seeking out my path
and the direction I need to go...
I will look back to old dirt roads of years past,
The spirit from those who walked right here...
and the energy it gives me,
Is all I need to know.

When I sit in the mountains,
Deep amongst huge redwood trees,
I didn't hear a sound at all,
and the silence set me free.
The quiet caused me to stop
and to be so still,
It gave me the will
to unwind...
to let go...

Now I am going on my journey
Into the places that don't cost a penny.
I will sit in amazement
for the choices I have are many.

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