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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



I call this brotherly LOVE!

Once upon a time a preying mantis met Tyler


Today is all that Matters

Today is all we have,
Today is all that matters.
From break of day, to dark of night,
There is no reason
to let go of this sight.
You may be burdened with troubles many
but tomorrow might arise without any.

If you should find the fear is within,
take a moment and feel the wind.
Take a minute, or two or three,
and feel your surroundings and set it free!
...it is by choice we keep all inside,
Allow your emptiness and doubts to subside.
You can be who YOU are meant to be,
You can decide to rise above what you see.

Today is all we have,
Today is all that is for certain.
Don't waste time hanging on to hurting,
for Today is ALL we have,
Today is all that Matters.

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