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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Family Tree

The family tree upholds us all
its limbs are gnarled and strong.
It carries the weight of years gone by
and has hopes for the future and beyond.

The family tree is layers
and layers of all the lives connected,
in faith, in blood, in our God's love.
We kneel below it and believe,
our answers will come from above.

The family tree holds memories
of those we do not know and have never met,
we listen to its stories
and repeat them, so none forget.

A family tree holds comfort
to the members of its trunk and branches.
Some of us feel the wind in the top and sway,
others are sturdy and stay close to the base,
all of us have our function in that way.

A family tree is a journey
of years and years of life,
we share it, we care for it,
we seek shelter in it; through our strife.

Our family tree holds many
of those who paved the way,
of those who worked tirelessly
for each generation to say,
"I will make a good life
for this my precious family,
I will build a better path
for those who come behind me".

So look inside your family tree...
what is it that you see?
Do you see it for it's beauty...
do you see it for it's love?
Do you see it for your security,
how about it's humbleness and purity?

A family tree holds many dreams...
it holds us all together.
And if you watch it change and grow
and always let it keep you strong,
in your lifetime you will surely know...
this is where YOU belong!

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