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Thursday, November 19, 2009

When We Believe

Through our sadness and pain
we push onward to regain...
Past unrelentless discouragement
we continue going forward,
through each day and onward.

Finding that inner strength within
holding up that downtrodden chin,
we look up to the light
to feel that warm glow,
and only then do we know
We can win this fight!
For inner peace, for that release
from this self contained pressure
to find our inner truth
and forgiveness without measure.

Through each dark and stormy night,
we can make it...
we can take that gray
and turn it into light.
When we believe
there is a comfort in
circumstances beyond our control
No matter how dim.

When we Believe
Somehow we Shine,
doing what we are born to do...
We look up to find that light,
beleiving we can win our fight.
Behind a cloud, beyond our sight
Hold onto this with all your might,
find your light,
so you can Shine!

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