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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping the Faith

How do we keep the faith
when all around us is falling away...
How do we wake up and trust
that the Earth will not swallow us up.
When there are bombs blasting all around
there is nothing to hold me safe,
because unsettled and sinking is the ground.
I can't see the sunrise in this time of need,
all I can see is famine and greed.
I try to be whole and think only good,
but life is crashing around me,
and what if I have no food?
No one can fathom the fright we all feel,
yet God tells me to hold on,
and that He will heal.
He will watch over us,
and give us all our needs...
but right at this moment
my heart feels like it bleeds.
How do I keep the Faith
when today is just not certain.
How it will begin or end ?
I guess I just need to listen,
for that positive peace
that fills my mind and soul,
I think I can do this,
Lord just help me...
not to give up or give in.
Lord just help me
to have strength and to win!
How do we keep this Faith
and not look too far ahead...
to keep our hopes and dreams
alive in our hearts instead.
I know you have my path
mapped out for me today,
I just need to follow it
and have Faith I'll find my way.

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