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Monday, August 17, 2009

Love is Taught

Love is Taught

When thinking about my life
and those who touch my heart,
the first person I feel
is Mom
Her warmth and her hug
her smile through anything...
her hope and her strength,
her undying love.
When thinking about my mom
and how she touches my life,
the first feeling inside
is love
Her faith that all will be
as it is meant to be...
and that all, is good.
When thinking about love
and how Mom reaches out and
gives it freely
and she never has a doubt
about her life or
her place in it.
When thinking about my life,
no one has meant more to me
than Mom.
Pure, lovely, honest and
oh so optimistic...
how she has touched my life
so beautifully...
and each generation that follows
learns how to live with this light
that shines from her
towards us...
and this love for the world
still to come.
Our future is brighter,
it is better... all because of Mothers'
blessed joy she shares with us.
There is no way to thank her enough
but the world will see
Mom is
in us all.

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